Settings Based Research

Settings Based Research

Settings Based Research

Neil Leitch, chief

executive of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, said:

�One of the challenges the sector and the Government faces is how to persuade young men that childcare is not just a woman�s job and that there is the opportunity for career progression within the industry.”

He went on to say that:

�The Alliance would like older men in their fifties who have brought up their own families and are looking to use this experience in a new way, to consider working in childcare. It should also be promoted as a worthwhile occupation for those men who want a career change�

There are times when we may miss the opportunity to engage men into early years or child care. The following self assessment is a tool CYC developed based on the findings of the above study.

Please work through it in your own organisation, perhaps with your teams. It may prompt you to think differently or act differently in the future. It may reassure you that you are already at an outstanding standard!



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