Welcome to Men into Childcare York!

Children in the UK have their care and education experiences provided predominantly by female staff.

Nationwide only 3% of the Early Years workforce are male and only 14% of Primary sector staff are male with 25% of Primary Schools have no men working in them. Here in York there are only 32 Men in the workforce of which 19 are Early Years Practitioners.

Research shows that there are huge benefits from having men in childcare, such as providing male role models, eradicating gender stereotypes and helping fathers engage with their children.

Male Early Years workers are therefore vital in making sure young children have quality contact time with men.

We are working to change perceptions and attitudes towards Men in Childcare and there is research which includes; that over half of nursery workers 51% believe men are discouraged from pursuing a career working in childcare because of ‘society’s attitude’, whilst 60% feel men are not encouraged to join the profession by others, or are not comfortable working in a predominantly female environment 37.5%.

With Men into Childcare York and your support we can make a difference.

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